A multidisciplinary team provides safe, responsible care to adult surgical patients on a 24 hour basis. This includes pre and post operative services for elective and emergent patients. Surgical procedures include general surgery, gynecological, as well as surgical procedures completed by the visiting specialty surgeons (orthopedic, otolaryngology). Service also includes patients who require care for total parenteral nutrition, trauma, palliative, and rehabilitation care. Service is also provided for those patients who require an extension of the service provided by the Surgical Day Care Unit.

If your surgery requires care beyond the hours of the Surgical Day Care, you will follow the same process for admission as the Surgical Day Care (pre-op clinic assessment visit, admission the morning of surgery to the Surgical Day Care Unit where you are prepared for transfer to the Operating room. After your operation, you will be transferred to Post Anaesthetic Unit.)

When you are able to be discharged from PACU, you will be transferred to a room on the Surgical Unit until you are able to be discharged. We encourage you to follow the instructions you will have been given prior to your Surgery and to begin your plan to be discharged prior to coming to the Hospital (a drive home, support to provide care when you go home, equipment needed, etc.).

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